About Us

Welcome to TruckLoad.com.bd, Bangladesh's First transport exchange online platform powered by one of the worlds most advanced computerized load matching systems.

TruckLoad.com.bd is here to keep trucks loaded, freight moving and Bangladesh's trucking and lorry industry chugging along at a happy, healthy pace. We are committed to providing instant load board access to truck owners, truckers and transport brokers by harnessing the power of technology that's user friendly, economical, fast and secure. This online platform aims to develop a connection between the service receiver/ customer and the truck owner or the agency, ensuring a safe delivery of goods to their proper destination.

  • TruckLoad.com.bd tries to fulfil the basic requirement of delivering across the length and breadth of Bangladesh by a single click hence eliminating the geographical barriers.
  • We are committed to work in the large road-transportation eco-system and be a technology enabler to build in efficiency in the transportation business.
  • Truck Owners not only benefit from reduced empty running but save fuel by not having to travel far to collect their next load, returning to base in quicker time too.


To be the networking portal online for transport industry. We hope to allow all logistics businesses to work more closely, effectively and efficiently using TruckLoad.com.bd as their trusted Bangladeshi transport marketplace.


Develop, Customize and Maintain online solutions for truck and load owners with a focus on return trucks and thereby improve truck utilization, reduce lead time and offer value added services.